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Volunteer Opportunities

We would like to thank the many people who volunteer at Redwood Glen and support our ministry! Your giving hearts are such a blessing. We couldn’t do it without you.

Interested in knowing how you can help?

Whether physical labor, financial gifts, or prayer support, God can use your time, talents, and treasures at Redwood Glen. There are 3 main ways or areas for someone to get involved volunteering with us:

  1. Work Day:  Every year, usually the first weekend of June, we have a work day where we prepare the facilities for the summer influx of guests and campers – nearly 50% of all guests stay during the 3 months of summer.  Included below is information on our Work Day.
  2. Counselors and Program Staff:  Our program camps are largely run by volunteers who have a talent and passion for working with kids and youth.  If this is you, head on over to our Counselor Resource Center to get plugged in.
  3. On a case by case basis:  Throughout the year we regularly have volunteers helping us with various projects.  Many of our projects are physical in nature – both skilled and non-skilled labor – but we also could often use a hand in various other areas; whether it is helping us run our Trad’NPost, an occasional data entry task, a sewing project, website assistance, or anything else; we will feed and lodge you for the help you provide.  If you are interested in seeing how you can help, email us here.

2018 Date: Saturday, June 2

Join us for our annual WORK DAY. Our work day is a wonderful service project for churches and youth groups. For more information, email us at workday@redwoodglen.com.

THANKS to all who have come to help at work days over the past years.

Some highlighted projects over the years included work on the gazebo, new benches at the Sanctuary in Indian Point and David Sato Memorial, Indian Point camping area raked and prepared, lots of firewood cut and split, archery hay bales moved, and new areas for a cross and kid’s area cleared and prepared. Thanks again to all our volunteers and camp supporters!