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Redwood Glen



Restoration – Week 1

September 11, 2020 news,newsletters 0 comments 51 Hits

Hard Work Being Done   Know Others Concerned about Redwood Glen’s Future – Forward this to them   Pipe Pulling Part One     First Line from Piney Creek Connected and Flowing   Thanks to some very hard working volunteers (see picture bar – after the PULL!!!) and key staff […]

Beginning the Recovery

September 4, 2020 news,newsletters 0 comments 152 Hits

Water First   Know Others Concerned about Redwood Glen’s Future – Forward this to them   Restoring the Water Supply   Board member Mike Green and staff Chad Plantenberg test the water safety as the fire retreats.   First Testing – Then Reconnecting The most important loss from the fire […]

CZU August Complex Fire

August 31, 2020 news 0 comments 3612 Hits

September 4 update: Many of you in the Redwood Glen community have become aware of an evacuation order in our area related to the August Complex Fire and have been asking for updates.  We thank you all for the outpouring of prayers and concern for the camp.  We will attempt […]

Updates from the Fire

August 28, 2020 news,newsletters 0 comments 302 Hits

All Staff are Safe and Well   Mostly Great News – Thank You, God Protection from the Fires   First, thank you all who had concern and prayed for the safety of the Redwood Glen staff and facility. The staff and board are very grateful for your partnership in these […]


July 30, 2020 news 0 comments 845 Hits

Updated August 4, 2020: As you know, the coronavirus has disrupted daily life for everyone, which includes us here at Redwood Glen.  Many of you are wondering about what the impacts may mean for an event you had scheduled with us, or the summer camp you were scheduled for, or […]

Retreat to the Redwoods

July 17, 2020 news,newsletters 0 comments 88 Hits

  The Old and the New ( by Jeanette Calixto, board member) I became part of First Baptist Church of Alameda in 1997. It wasn’t long before I heard of Redwood Glen …the horse camps, that time when M’s camper fell out the cabin window and D’s camper intentionally rolled […]

Keeping Redwood Glen Ready

July 2, 2020 news,newsletters 0 comments 97 Hits

  Redwood Glen’s Great Staff Do we, who enjoy Redwood Glen, know what it takes to keep this place in tip top shape? The camp’s great staff does! And they love working at the camp and for us, who enjoy this natural sanctuary. Because the Covid-19 pandemic caused the camp […]

Redwood Glen Remains Open

July 1, 2020 news,newsletters 0 comments 95 Hits

Today’s Headline reads: San Mateo County joins state’s COVID-19 watchlist Gyms, salons and other nonessential services may be forced to close Saturday But Redwood Glen is able to remain open: Donate Today  

Retreat to the Redwoods!

July 1, 2020 news,newsletters 0 comments 77 Hits

Our Retreat to the Redwoods offer has returned! Donate Today  

Retreat and Hike in the Redwoods

July 1, 2020 news,newsletters 0 comments 36 Hits

Nearby Hikes Some really great hikes are very close to Redwood Glen. The camp has a map of hikes from the camp itself. But there are also great trails in Memorial Park and hikes through and around Butano State Park. To read about them, click the picture and pick the […]