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April 24, 2020 news

Updated April 24, 2020 As you know, the coronavirus has disrupted daily life for everyone, which includes us here at Redwood Glen.  Many of you are wondering about what the impacts may mean for an event you had scheduled with us, or the summer camp you are scheduled for (or […]

Updated April 24, 2020

As you know, the coronavirus has disrupted daily life for everyone, which includes us here at Redwood Glen.  Many of you are wondering about what the impacts may mean for an event you had scheduled with us, or the summer camp you are scheduled for (or were thinking about signing up for), or how to get a hold of us or the best way to donate so we have set up this set of FAQs for you.  If you don’t see your question answered below, feel free to contact us (information included below).

Is Redwood Glen Open?

Both Shelter-In-Place orders Redwood Glen is subject to (the State’s and San Mateo County’s) do not consider camps an essential business so we have temporarily suspended hosting events.  We are continuing to monitor and respond to emails and phone calls, but due to reductions in hours, please allow 1-2 business days for a reply.

How long will the camp be closed?

This depends upon our local and state officials. As of today (April 24) the San Mateo County Health Officer’s Shelter-In-Place order is set to expire May 3rd; however, the State’s order currently has no definite end-date.  We  are receiving updates through the same channels as everyone else, so need to wait and see.  At this juncture, we hope to be allowed a partial opening sometime in May, but we expect it to be soft start (whenever it occurs), and it to take a while before being able to ramp back up to full speed. Beyond just ‘being allowed’, we also will be considering whether we feel we can reopen safely before doing so.

What happens if our event is cancelled due to the coronavirus?

If you were planning on coming with part of a church or group that was renting our facilities, you will want to work with your group’s leader for details about your event. If you are a group leader and your group placed a deposit on the event and the event is not able to be held due to the pandemic, we will transfer your deposit to a future event. Redwood Glen considers your event to be postponed to a future date rather than cancelled, so we will retain the deposit to be applied to that future event.

What about summer camps - I'm registered for one of your program camps?

Currently, we are still projecting to be able to hold our summer camps and look forward to you being with us this summer.  We realize this may change, or modifications to the camps may be required in order to continue to host them (such as placing fewer campers in each cabin to provide greater distance between campers). If we are unable to hold one of our program camps this summer due to local or state orders, those registered will receive a full refund, including their deposit. We understand that many of you may have concerns about safety, even if camps are allowed to operate, so anyone currently registered will be allowed to cancel, even if we are allowed to host our camps, while just forfeiting their deposit – with no further obligations due.  Please note:  We take our responsibility to keep campers safe and healthy seriously – this has always been true.  Redwood Glen has always had safeguards in place to curtail the transmission of infectious diseases, and the same will be true this summer.  We will not hold any camps that we don’t feel confident we are able to provide a reasonable level of safety to our campers regardless of whether local and state officials have removed restrictions.

I saw an opportunity to come individually, or with my family, to the camp, is that still an option?

You may have seen our “Retreat to the Redwoods” flyer that we sent out just before the Health Officer’s Shelter-In-Place order was announced.  Due to the order, and the subsequent State order, we have had to suspend this opportunity.  If this is an opportunity you were hoping to take advantage of, please make sure you are on our email list, as it is likely we may offer it again.  While we do not know, we consider it likely that there will be a time that gatherings will still be disallowed even though the Shelter-In-Place orders will be lifted.  In this scenario, we will probably attempt again to offer our facilities for those wanting to “get away”.  We will not be having any gatherings, this will simply be an opportunity to bring your family and stay in one of our conference rooms (or tent or RV on our site) while doing some hiking or mountain-biking or other outdoor recreation activities to get out.  More details can be found on our flyer, or by contacting us.

How is the camp doing?

Like all other camps or industries based on bringing people together, this has had significant impacts on us.  Without any groups, we do not have any housekeeping or food needs so several of our staff have seen significant reductions to their hours.  In addition, some of our staff commuted to camp to serve our groups, but as a “non-essential business”, are not allowed to come to work.  Telecommuting is not an option for most of our employees.  We are trying to keep all of our staff employed, but without work, we have unfortunately had to furlough most of our employees.  We do have some reserves to keep going, so expect to be able to weather this storm, but likely will be liable if there are any additional storms the camp’s way.  If you are able, consider giving so Redwood Glen can stay sound into the future to provide a place for others to encounter their Creator here in His Creation.

How can I help?

Prayer and financial support, if you are able, are the main means of support you can provide the camp right now.  You can donate here through our website, or send a check to our mailing address, or share our need with others that you know.  We have suspended all volunteer opportunities for now because of the Shelter-In-Place orders, but please be on the lookout in the coming months, because we will probably need extra help at some point helping prepare the facilities to return to service.

What's the best way to get a hold of you right now?

Same ways as usual:

Phone:  (650) 879-0320

Email:  info@redwoodglen.com

Mailing Address:

Redwood Glen

100 Wright Drive

Loma Mar, CA 94021

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