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MacArthur cabin MacArthur cabin

MacArthur Cabin

Sleeps 16 (maximum) with 12 (minimum) in 2 bunkrooms with 2 full bathrooms.
2020 rates: $40.00 (off-peak), $45.00 (peak) per person per night.

Remodeled in April 2007, MacArthur Cabin shares a very similar footprint to Sunshine cabin. A common entryway leads to two bunk rooms, one on the left and one on the right. Each room sleeps 8. Two separate but full bathrooms are accessible from the center hallway. The room on the right also has a separate entry. MacArthur may be the cabin furthest from Smith Hall, but it is the one “closest to heaven” as it is at the top of a hill. Like all of our cabins, MacArthur is designed as a simple, but comfortable lodging facility for your Redwood Glen stay.

All four of our camp cabins feature:

Guests should bring a sleeping bag or bedding, pillow, towels, soap, toiletries, and other personal items to make their stay more comfortable