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June Update

June Update

June 12, 2018 news,Uncategorized

June 6, 2018 It has been a busy few months and there is a lot to catch everyone up on, so without further ado: On May 19th we received a letter from the State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB; the entity that oversees our water system) that they will no […]

June 6, 2018

It has been a busy few months and there is a lot to catch everyone up on, so without further ado:

  • On May 19th we received a letter from the State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB; the entity that oversees our water system) that they will no longer allow us to use hauled-water to serve our guests and campers, effective immediately.  Subsequently, that triggered a notice from the County Environmental Health Services (EHS) suspending our kitchen’s permit and also our ‘Organized Camp’ permit.  All of this had taken us by surprise, and we spent a few weeks in discussions with these agencies attempting to discuss options available to us and to digest the meaning of their orders.  Our current understanding is that the end result of all this is that we will be operating without use of our kitchen and to not operate as an organized camp until we can begin operating our new water system (scheduled for early August).  We will provide more detail about what this means below.
  • Construction:  construction of the water system had to be temporarily placed on hold last month while we work through an archaeological survey of the area.  Currently, we have started construction back up working on odds and ends that are not impacted by the survey.  Once the County okays the report, we should be able to finish within a week or two.  Once that happens, we will simply be waiting for the Resource Management Permit process to finish playing out in order to be permitted to operate the new treatment plant.  The timeline is not set in stone, but we should be going to public hearing (the final step) beginning of August.

What does this mean for:

Summer Camps:

It feels quite fitting for an anniversary year that we will be operating all of our program camps as ‘back-country’ camps on an undeveloped portion of our property.  These will be off-grid, and will be very similar in feel to what our camps would have been like 60 years ago when the camp was just getting started.  We will be lodging in tents and cooking over camp stoves, much like a couple of camps have already operated for a number of years.  While we may not have naturally chosen this, we look forward to this experience this year with all of our campers, as it will be a wonderfully intimate experience, with the God of all Creation on full display for all our campers to see; and, a little known fact is that the camps that we have historically operated this way routinely receive the highest reviews of all our camps.  For more information, head over to one of our program pages, or contact us at program@redwoodglen.com.

Guest Groups:

In consultation with EHS, we are able to host guest groups without our Organized Camp permit.  The constraints on this are that we do not have water permitted for consumption and we cannot use our own kitchen.  This does not preclude us, however, from catering meals from an off-site permitted facility which we recently arrived at an agreement with.  Catered meals will include beverages, but guest groups are encouraged to bring their own water with them to augment the beverages supplied with the catered meals.  For more information, contact our Guest Services team at info@redwoodglen.com.

Open Houses:

Unfortunately, we have cancelled our Open Houses this year.  Our two Music and Drama camps that culminate in a presentation and an afternoon of festivities at the end of the week are being incorporated into our other camps down at Indian Point this year, and will not have opportunity to rehearse a new play.  Campers from these camps will have an opportunity to relive some of our previous plays with others that had attended these camps as well as introduce campers who have never participated in a MAD camp to these programs for next year.  Our Open Houses will be back in 2019 and we look forward to adding exciting new things to the program when they return.

60th Anniversary

We are postponing our anniversary celebration until November.  Since water has played such a large role in the camps 60 years of history, it seems only fitting to postpone this celebration until we can also officially celebrate the completion of our new water system.  Safe and reliable water requires a lot of ongoing work and maintenance, so this is not an end, but a beginning; but a beginning worth celebrating.  Redwood Glen has been on the search for water ever since its founding, and here, on our 60th anniversary, we are taking a large step forward toward water security; and that is worth a celebration!  Please be on the lookout for the new date, and please plan to join us for this momentous occasion.

Ways you can help:


If any of you are on the fence about joining us this summer, for example, at one of our program camps; then please come. God is doing mighty things right now, at this very instance, at Redwood Glen and this summer is only shaping up for more of the same. Come experience what God is doing through this ministry. We are very near the completion of the water project, God working through His people (so many of you have had a hand in this project already) and all that remains is for Him to bring it to completion. There is an excitement in the air and we would love for you to experience it first-hand.


We have prepared the soil, we have tilled the land, we have dispersed and planted the seed; but it is God who makes all things grow (I Corinthians 3:6-7). We covet your prayers that God will make things grow. The water project has required a much longer ‘planting season’ than we anticipated, but we are now nearly at the point where all that is left is to await God growing it into completion – please pray with us that the season of reaping will be near.


Ensuring safe and clean water for everyone is not cheap, but it is well worth the cost. Much of the project has been paid for, but there are still some opportunities to help us finish funding the project. We have been very intentional to keep our costs down throughout this whole process to make sure that a camp experience is still affordable to everyone, but that requires people like you who have a heart and a passion for our ministry to contribute financially where you are able. An investment in Redwood Glen is an investment in providing Living Water to all who come and have ears to ears what their Creator has to say to them through His Creation. You can donate here.

If you have any other questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line – we love hearing from you.

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