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Parent Resources:

As a parent, you have a lot on your mind.
We understand. On this page, we have tried to.

How to register:

  1. Register Online.  Before you start, you will need:  a credit card or e-check information for the deposit; and if this is your first time registering, insurance information, immunization history, and contact information for the camper’s physician.  The process should take you 30 minutes to complete.
  2. Paper Form.  Because registrations are processed in the order received, we highly encourage you to use our online registration to ensure availability.
  3. Health Form.  Though not required to reserve a spot for your camper this summer, the Health Form is required for a camper’s attendance. You will need insurance information, immunization history, and contact information for the camper’s physician to complete this form.

How to login to your online account:

  1. Account Login.  If you have registered a camper online – you have an online account. This account will let you pay off a remaining balance (if you only paid a deposit at the time of registration) and update your account or camper information anytime of year (if you move or change email addresses, for example).

Information about our camps:

  1. Directions.  Need to know how to get here?
  2. Program Fees.  An explanation of our fees (and why we have them).
  3. Info for Parents and Campers of our Children and Youth Camps.  This document includes information regarding medications, when you can expect a call from us (emergencies/discipline), how to leave a note/message for your camper, etc.
  4. Program Goals and Outcomes.  This document communicates what you can expect out of your campers attendance of one of our camps, and serves as a document for us to evaluate how each of our camps are doing at meeting our objectives.
  5. What to Bring to Children and Youth Camp.  Need a hand knowing what to bring? Or not to bring?
  6. Behavioral Guidelines.  Our expectations of our campers and what you can expect from our discipline process.


  1. Campership Application.  Need help paying for camp? Download our campership application form (instructions included) here.

How is your child doing?

  1. Blog: Updated daily during camps; approximately biweekly the rest of the year.
  2. Pictures: Updated daily during camps.

How to get a hold of us:

  1. program@redwoodglen.com
  2. (650) 879-0320 ext 17