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Redwood Glen’s Donation Refund Policy

Last Revised: August 12, 2013


We appreciate our donors. We want to make it easy for our friends to donate and build confidence that your money will further our purpose and ministry. To that end, we make available to you this document outlining our refund practices regarding donations.


Most donations go to work immediately for the camp. All donations received that are not designated to a specific fund will be assumed to be of this kind, and due to a donations’ immediate use, will not be refunded under any circumstance.

Other donations received will be designated to a specific fund (for example, a capital campaign fund or our Campership Fund). Donations designated to a specific fund are generally non-refundable. Donations are received in the spirit in which they were initially given and thus are not returned on the basis of the donor’s “change of heart”. In rare cases, we may be unable to use a donation toward its given designation. For example, this may happen if donations received toward a fund exceed the actual expenses incurred for a designated project, or this may happen if a designation to which the funds apply must be suspended or cancelled. In such cases, Redwood Glen will, at its sole discretion, either transfer the donation into a similar designated fund or into its general fund. A public notice (usually through our newsletter) is generally made for suspensions or cancellations of a project to which a designated fund had been established (and at least partially funded). A request for refund made within 30 days of a public notice of suspension or cancellation will usually be honored. Requests for a refund of a donation of unusually high value will need to be considered on a case by case basis. In no case will Redwood Glen jeopordize its ministry to honor a refund request.

Requests for a refund on the basis of an error (for example, you meant to donate X dollars, but instead input Y dollars) must be made within 30 days of our receipt of the donation. As with other bases for request, requests made on donations of unusually high value will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Acknowledgement of Revisions

Redwood Glen may from time to time need to make updates to this Refund Policy to correct errors or to reflect the changing needs of the organization. All such changes shall become effective immediately, with the date of the latest revision showing at the top of this notice. All donations received after this date constitute your acceptance of these changes (see Terms of Service), so please check in periodically (or before completing a donation) to make sure your understanding of our Refund Policy is current and accurate. This includes recurring donations, so all charges to your credit card that occur after a revision are received under the revised policy.

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