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Guest Leader Resources

If you are planning on holding an event at Redwood Glen, this page is filled with information to get you started.


Here is a breakdown of our rates. Rates are listed as a package price per person for convenience and broken down so you can calculate an estimate tailored to your event.

Camp Map

This is a map of our developed facilities. Look here to get a feel for the layout of our facilities.


Need to know how to get here? This page will give you directions no matter which direction you are coming from.

Rental Inquiry Form

Ready to contact us about dates and availability? Here is the easiest way to get a hold of us for the answers you seek.

Tour Inquiry Form

Need to check out our facilities in person to see if they are right for your group? Fill out this form.

Outdoor Areas

Here is a listing of our outdoors areas – spaces to meet or play in the natural beauty of a redwood forest.


Want to be a counselor with us? You will find information here about a number of the recreation opportunities available to you – both on-site and nearby.


Some groups will have an option of meal service to choose from. Here you will find out if the event you’re considering would qualify and what types of meals service we provide.