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General Information

Do you have wifi?

Yes, we have wireless internet access at various sites around camp – at Siden Conference Center, Smith Hall, Shepherd Lodge, and Miller Meeting Room. There is no pass code and access is free. We ask that guests limit their use to checking email. Major downloads and streaming slow the system for other guests, staff, and office operations.

Do you have cell phone coverage?

No, there is no cell phone coverage on the camp property and within 15 miles of camp — in Pescadero to the west and Woodside to the east. There are phones on the grounds for guest group use at Siden Conference Center, Shepherd Lodge, and in front of the Office. There is no fee. However, we ask that guests limit their calls to emergencies and 5 minutes in length out of respect to other guests, staff, and office operations.

Are pets allowed at Redwood Glen?

No, pets are not allowed. If you have questions, contact us at (650) 879-0320.

Is alcohol allowed at Redwood Glen?

No, Redwood Glen is a “dry” camp. Alcohol is not allowed.

Do you have a trail map of Redwood Glen?

Yes. Click here. With 165 acres which connect to Pescadero Creek Park and Memorial County Park, Redwood Glen offers plenty of trails to explore for a few hours or a few days!

What opportunities does Redwood Glen have for pastors?

There is no question that pastors work hard. In recognition of their faithful service to God, Redwood Glen provides year-round opportunities of rest and renewal for ministry leaders. Check out our offerings here.

Does Redwood Glen host weddings?

Unfortunately, we do not host weddings at this time.