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Outdoor Meeting Areas


With electric outlets, overhead stage lighting, a large stage, and seating for 400 people, our outdoor amphitheater is a perfect spot for large group meetings, stage productions, and worship times. Each summer, Redwood Glen’s CMAD (Children’s Music And Drama camp) and YMAD (Youth Music And Drama camp) use the amphitheater for their final musical performances. Our amphitheater is dedicated to former Redwood Glen camp manager, Lela Crockett.

Chapel in the Woods

Our Chapel in the Woods, dedicated to Lee Regier, is a short 10-15 minute walk from camp, along a dirt trail. Located above Hoffman Creek and surrounded by towering redwoods, this outdoor respite can seat up to 50 people for a chapel service, Bible study, communion, or small group. It is also a perfect place for personal quiet time and reflection.

Fountain of Youth

The Fountain of Youth is a 5 minute walk from camp and provides a clearing in the woods which can be used for group games during the day or star gazing at night. During the summer, Fountain of Youth is also used by groups as an archery range.

Smith Hall Back Deck

Constructed of redwood harvested from the camp property, the back deck of Smith Dining Hall was completed in 2006 by the camp maintenance crew. The back porch is a wonderful gathering place for groups to eat and meet, and to enjoy the beauty of the redwoods.


Graced by a burned redwood that resembles a Shepherd, Sanctuary is a rustic outdoor chapel at Indian Point. It is about a 20 minute hike from camp, along “A” trail, and can seat 20-30 people.

Ball Field

Though a recreation area, our large ball field, located just below Smith Dining Hall, is the ideal spot for large group games or organized sporting events.


Located just off our ballfield, the Gazebo provides a secluded, intimate setting for small groups of up to 15-20 people.

Main Campfire Circle

Our main campfire pit can comfortably accommodate 150 people, has a small stage, and includes lighting and power. Wood and firestarter are provided.

Shepherd Campfire Circle

The campfire pit for exclusive use of guest groups at Shepherd Lodge. It can hold about 75 people. Wood and firestarter are provided as part of this area.

Siden Campfire Circle

The campfire pit for exclusive use of guest groups at Siden Conference Center. It can hold about 75 people and includes power and a small stage. Wood and firestarter are provided as part of this area.

Main Picnic Area

The Main Picnic Area is a large flat area with seating for over 300 people. Can accommodate one large group or big enough to house multiple breakout groups.