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Water System Thank Yous

Water System Thank Yous

May 5, 2018 Uncategorized

A Big Thank You to all these individuals and organizations who made this project possible. Without them Redwood Glen’s operating on its own water system would never have been realized. Engineering/Consulting: SRT Consultants – Water System Design and Project Management (Specifically, Lisa Pezzino needs to be mentioned by name here.  […]

A Big Thank You to all these individuals and organizations who made this project possible. Without them Redwood Glen's operating on its own water system would never have been realized.


SRT ConsultantsWater System Design and Project Management (Specifically, Lisa Pezzino needs to be mentioned by name here.  Her contributions to the project stand foremost.  She worked tirelessly through the design process and helped navigate us through a dizzying permitting process.)

John Lewis (Mountain View Services)Systems Control Design (John got more than he bargained for on our project, but stayed with us through all the various changes and iterations and had crucial involvement in the overall design of the system.)

MIG, Inc.Biological and Cultural Resources Consulting (helped us through the CEQA review process during permitting, developing biology and archaeological reports that were necessary in demonstrating our compliance with regulations, and confirming what we already knew – that we had designed and developed this project in an environmentally sensitive manner.)

Balance HydrologicsHydrologist (specifically, Mark Woyshner helped us through the CEQA review process, developing a hydrologic report of our watersheds that became the basis for the biology report. He also had much involvement through the well drilling process.)

James DerbinCross Connection Specialist (James helped us through a tremendously difficult procedure called a Shutdown Test that provides conclusive proof that only potable water is being served to all our buildings.)


Mountain View ServicesEquipment Vendor and Plant Operations (John needs to be placed at the top of the list here.  He was with us from the beginning of this project and the equipment he provided became the foundation of the whole water system.)

Stone Ridge AutomationsControls Programming (Jack Wilson has provided expert programming of our controls equipment and in conjunction with John Lewis at Mountain View Services are a controls and automation team that simply cannot be beat.)

Total Western Inc.General Contractor (Specifically, Wade Schell needs to be mentioned.  Our project was much smaller in comparison to most jobs his company takes on, but Wade treated us like his biggest and most important client. Also, an honorable mention goes out to Ken Whisler.)

Full Spectrum LightingElectrical Contractor (Susan and Bob are truly friends of Redwood Glen.  Besides their quality work, they’re flexibility through many of our starts and stops on the project went well beyond the call of professionalism.)

Periat PlumbingPlumbing Contractor (Periat is a local plumber and worked on some portions of our project before we had our general contractor in place and helping move our project forward during some of its earlier phases, and again in the waning hours of the project.)

Skylonda EquipmentWater Hauler and Heavy Equipment Operator (Skylonda faithfully provided us water for the last 3 years enabling us to stay open during that time.  They also provided equipment and labor relating to trenching and access for our project.  Their role in helping Redwood Glen reach its new water system cannot be overstated.  A Huge thank you to Rick and Tony.)

BracewellWater System Operator (Bracewell oversaw the monitoring and sampling required during the transition phase to our new system, and remain our operator while our Water Manager, Andrew Gonsalves, obtains the necessary certifications to have the plant operated entirely by personnel within Redwood Glen.)


Permits and documents:

Use Permit – San Mateo County Planning Department

Resource Management Permit – San Mateo County Planning Department

Building Permit – San Mateo County Planning & Building & Environmental Health Departments

Mitigated Negative Declaration for Change of Water Source – San Mateo County (CEQA Documentation)

Lake and Streambed Alteration Notification – California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Lake and Streambed Alteration Agreement (Pending) – California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Notice of Exemption (CEQA Documentation) – State Water Resources Control Board

Water System Permit – State Water Resources Control Board


March 1, 2015 – Notice from County Parks and Recreation Department of enacting opt-out clause, marking 1 year until they would no longer deliver treated water to Redwood Glen.

Fall 2015 – ‘Archery Well’ drilled; promising flow, but contaminated with pertoleum

February 2016 – SRT agrees to consult on Redwood’s Glen project

March 1, 2016 – Memorial Park ceases delivery treated water to Redwood Glen

March 30, 2016 – Redwood Glen reopens after successfully negotiating with the SWRCB (with much help from SRT) to allow hauled water

October 2016 – 4 new wells drilled, all with low yields; however, it is determined Piney Creek may be able to provide sufficient backup supply to Hoffman Creek

January 2017 – SWRCB acknowledges Redwood Glen has proven adequate supplies with its two creeks

February/March 2017 – shipping container and HDPE arrives, marking beginnings of construction (soft start); Notice of Exemption received

July 2017 – Application submitted to SWRCB along with 400+ pages of supporting documentation (Technical, Managerial, Financial Report)

September 2017 – Building Permit approved

 February 2018 – Biological / Hydrological Report Submitted to County

March 2018 – Construction Loan approved

April 2018 – Submittal of Lake and Streambed Alteration Notification to CDFW

May 2018 – Phase II of construction begins; receipt of “Stop Operations Notice” from SWRCB

June 2018 – Redwood Glen reopens after negotiating meaning of “Stop Operations Notice” (no service of hauled water to guests for consumption; program camps must become ‘off-grid’ becoming ‘back-wilderness’ style camps)

 July 2018 – TWI completes Phase II of construction; Mountainview Services tests and starts up equipment

September 2018 – Public Hearing for Use Permit/Resource Management Permit; approval of Redwood Glen’s Use and Resource Management Permits

October 2018 – Final signoff of Building Permit

November 2018 – Acceptance by SWRCB of Redwood Glen’s Water System Operations Plan

December 2018 – Cross Connection Survey and preparation for Shutdown Test

January 2-5, 2019 – Shutdown Test and Return to Service procedures

January 17, 2019 – Received last shipment of hauled water

January 22, 2019 – SWRCB visit and approval of water treatment plant startup

June 17, 2019 – SWRCB Water System Permit issued (final step in the journey of becoming a brand new water system and becoming water independent; first step in becoming water sustainable)




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